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In order to publish a website online, you need a Web Host. The Web Host stores all the pages of your website and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet. The domain name, such as "azucohost.com," is actually linked to an IP (Internet Protocol) address that points to a specific computer. When somebody enters your domain name into their browser's address field, the IP address is located and the web site is loaded from your Web Host.

If you want to publish your own website, you'll need to sign up for a "Web hosting service." Finding a good Web host shouldn't be too hard, since there are thousands available. Just make sure the Web host you choose offers good technical support and ensures little or no downtime. Hostgator.com is one of the best in this business. Use azucohost25 as coupon code when purchasing any hosting plan on hostgator.com and receive 25% discount. Remember to pass it on to your friends as well.


HostGator is one of the leading providers of web hosting services in the world with over 9million domains hosted. It is a private company based in Houston, Texas. They has over 12,000 servers ready for customer service and 24/7 support team ready for your calls. I rely on them to host all my domains. I have been their customer since 2010 and they're always ready to help anytime even when the fault is from me.


Currently Hostgator offers four types of hosting plans; reseller hosting, dedicated servers, VPS hosting and shared hosting.

HostGator is one of the world's top 10 largest web hosting companies with more than 9,000,000 hosted domains. They have over 850 employees to provide you superior around the clock support. They are the perfect choice whether you are looking for business, personal, or even Fortune 500 hosting.

Every web hosting plan comes with a 45 day money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and is fully guaranteed by the CEO himself. If you ever have a problem with the regular support, just ask that your ticket be assigned to Adam and he will personally take the time to give you the VIP attention that you deserve.


You will be amazed at how easy, inexpensive and profitable it is to start your very own web hosting company! They provide you with all of the tools and support needed to have your business up and running in only a few minutes time. All of Their reseller hosting plans will allow you to create unlimited web sites under your own brand name, with their own prices, packages and features. As a HostGator reseller you will keep 100% of the money you collect!

Reseller hosting plans comes with many things which other hosting companies do not offer, for instance you would be able to support as many domain names as you want. This hosting plan gives you free billing system, site building software and a wide range of website templates for free. While you are surfing for a hosting plan, make sure that they support the basic needs of your website. For instance, if your website is on PHP or has a MySQL database, then the hosting company’s servers should support such programming languages. The servers of Hostgator support all such programming languages which make this company the number one I recommend. There are many packages in the reseller hosting plan, each of these packages have different pricing depending on the disk space and the bandwidth.


HostGator's Linux VPS Hosting is an ideal bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers. VPS plans can be completely customized to match your specific hosting needs and upgraded anytime as your site grows. It's a great way to start small but still have the ability to scale up very quickly.

With full root access, you're able to install advanced software and completely customize virtually anything as if your VPS were a dedicated server without the cost of one. For easy administration, cPanel is available.


A HostGator Dedicated Server is more than just a server, it is a fully managed solution designed to take your business to the next level. Not only do we give you management valued at over $100 but we also include cPanel for free with every dedicated server. Your server will be provisioned, secured, and typically delivered within 24 hours of purchase.

Having a dedicated server will provide your sites with a higher level of security, speed, and uptime. You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment.

There are three such plans; hatchling plan, baby plan and business plan. These are basically for people who are new in this field and have small website. The hatchling plan (the smallest plan) gives you unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space. This might sound too good to be true, however it is and with my coupon code: azucohost25 you can get 25% discount as well.


One of the best things about Hostgator is their customer service. Most of the hosting companies provide their customer service number to contact them. The calls to these companies usually result in too much holds and you hanging up the phone. Hostgator.com offers the best customer service via online live chat. The Support Personnel of the company are available to assist you at all times all year around. Apart from the outstanding hosting plan, the company allows you to purchase domain names as well. They have much more to offer than what is mentioned above. It would be best that you go online and surf their official website for further information. Take this coupon code: azucohost25 along with you for 25% discount on all plans.

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